Why you need a firewall valut?

We live in an internet-driven world where the importance of network security continues to escalate. Hackers and unwelcome advertisers constantly target and spam any network within their reach. The security of your private or home network is paramount and shouldn't be entrusted to devices rented from your Internet Service Provider or found on the bottom shelf of your local electronics store. Even major manufacturers often fall short in patching vulnerabilities.

With the iKOOLCORE Firewall Vault, you regain control of your network. You can run your preferred open-source firewall distribution, unlocking enterprise-level features such as whole-network VPN, intrusion detection/prevention, DNSSec, deep packet inspection, web filtering, and more. It even allows you to automatically block connections from other countries or deny entry to ads and trackers.

The iKOOLCORE Firewall Vault offers a hardware platform that's highly customizable, allowing you to load your preferred software solution:

No vendor lock-in: Switch firewall software as you see fit.
Outstanding performance: Say goodbye to VPN performance issues; the Vault unleashes VPN potential.
Versatility: Add dedicated networks for multi-layered defense and keep IoT traffic where it belongs.
Failover: With multi-port designs, support multiple connections to ensure your internet never goes down.
Data security is a topic that garners increasing attention daily, and rightfully so. From hackers to major data breaches, safeguarding your home or business network is paramount.

The iKOOLCORE Vault empowers you to protect your entire network with a single firewall. Unlike other providers, the Vault is Intel x86 based, ensuring you aren't locked into a specific provider that might change their licensing model or end-of-life software, leaving you vulnerable.

Finally, to ensure maximum uptime, the Vault is constructed for longevity—fanless and free from moving parts.

Compact, 100% silent, and built with dependable components featuring Intel CPUs & NICs, SSDs throughout, and support for up to 64GB of RAM, the Vault offers it all.

Each Vault can be tailored to your specific needs and is available in 2-Port, 4-Port, and 6-Port models. To make the right choice, we recommend starting with our Buyer's Guide.

With a dedicated hardware firewall like the Vault, you'll experience faster response times and better load handling, all without impacting your computer's performance or speed.

All Vaults are OS-agnostic and support popular open-source firewall distributions like pfSense, OPNsense, Untangle, and more. Alternatively, you can create your own based on Linux or FreeBSD.

With its proprietary operating system, you can establish enhanced security controls and reduce vulnerability to attacks.

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